Just This!

Peter Dutton’s mindless attack on Malcolm Fraser’s immigration policies is yet another example of the kind of politicking and point scoring that has become standard fare for both sides of the political divide.

Nothing can get done, everything is contested, and the business of government slowly grinds to a halt – gridlock in other words.

Politicians on both sides are responsible for this, playing the games of ‘gotcha’ to an endless media cycle that inhales it and then asks for more.

In the mean time voters become disenchanted and angry with establishment politics as they wait for those long promised (but never appearing) ‘jobs and growth’; and eventually they turn somewhere else to give voice to their anger and frustration.

In the case of America, it was Donald Trump. In the case of England, it was Brexit. Both issues were considered unthinkable earlier this year, yet here we are in a post-Brexit, post-Trump world.

In the case of Australia…? It couldn’t happen here… could it?

You better believe it! Politics here is heading the same way it did in America not too long ago.

I hope that our politicians get their heads out of the sand long enough to see what’s happening around them. I doubt they will though. If the last 2 weeks are anything to go by, then it seems that they have learned nothing, and Australians will use the ballot box to register their verdict on Canberra, and it won’t look pretty.

The clock is ticking…

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Auditorium/Facilities Manager at Kennedy Baptist College. Family man, Dockers Supporter, NFL and NBA tragic who loves the Red Bull Air Race and a good meal. A Christian who is grateful for grace and forgiveness and the fact that Jesus is alive.

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